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Yamaha Piano Features and Differences

The Yamaha Piano lineup offers a wide variety of keyboards and something for everyone. Whether your taste is in traditional piano or high-tech digital, whether you’re just learning or an accomplished pianist and player, whether your interests are in performance, education, composition, accompaniment or simply the pure enjoyment of music…Yamaha has the piano you’re looking for.

The range of the Yamaha piano starts with a lineup of fine acoustic pianos. Starting with compact, budget-friendly console uprights all the way up to the flagship CFIIIS concert grand, all are built with a clear focus on quality and precision. No wonder the Yamaha piano is acclaimed worldwide for its superior tone, touch and long-term dependability.

But that’s just the beginning. Yamaha piano has also pioneered the integration of advanced electronics into traditional upright and grand pianos. The result has been to create a variety of versatile new digital/acoustic hybrid pianos.

These include

Yamaha Silent Pianos which give you the option of playing normally or ‘turning off’ the acoustic sound to play privately through headphones in lifelike digital reproduction, along with such features as MIDI connect ability.

Yamaha GranTouch pianos. These are digital pianos with state-of-the-art tone generation which is enhanced by the incomparable sensitivity and control of Yamaha acoustic piano keyboards and action mechanisms.

The Yamaha Disklavier Mark III. The Mark III is a full function model. These are Yamaha acoustic pianos equipped with advanced digital components. They let you record and reproduce the music you play as well as generate hundreds of additional instrumental sounds, connect to other equipment and much more.

They are also supported by a vast library of Yamaha PianoSoft software, the Disklavier can reproduce live concerts by many of the world’s top pianists, complete with lifelike key and pedal movements.

Yamaha Disklavier Mark IV Full-Function Grand pianos. These amazing acoustic and/or digital pianos combine the rich tone and balanced touch of world-renowned Yamaha grands with an impressive array of interactive capabilities. A sleek, pocket remote control makes the features easy to use through a single hand-held device.

A stylish low-profile Media Center contains various connection portals to provide an easy and gateway for individual music software. A built-in amplified speaker system as well as a Silent Piano System, and ultra-large internal music storage capacity are just some of the features that make the Yamaha Disklavier Mark IV the ultimate in personal piano music entertainment.

Finally the Disklavier GranTouch pianos are a combined form of these digital/acoustic instruments offering an even broader range of applications and enjoyment as well as variations like the Disklavier Mark III Playback Grands, for those who don’t want recording features, and the ultra-sophisticated Disklavier Pro Series, to meet the demands of professional applications.

When it comes to choosing the piano that’s just right for you, only Yamaha offers such a wide range of choices.

Choosing the proper Yamaha piano doesn’t have to be difficult. To find the type of Yamaha piano that best suits your needs, use our handy chart below which lists the basic features of the above models.

yamah piano

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