Yamaha P80

Yamaha P80 Digital Piano Keyboard

The yamaha p80 features the same 88-note graded-hammer keyboard action found in the award-winning P200 and a carefully crafted collection of instrument sounds, the P80 delivers a concert-quality instrument in a portable package.

The P80 uses Yamaha’s powerful AWM (Advanced Wave Memory) synthesis technology to produce 12 different, highly refined performance voices. They include: two stereo-sampled pianos; two piano variations; two electric pianos; three different organs; a string section; harpsichord; and bass.

To help eliminate note-stealing problems and allow for richer voice layering, it also features 64-note polyphony. It has also included Split, Dual and Variation performance modes to further assist users in arranging and layering voices on the keyboard. The sound can also be further enhanced using the powerful onboard audio-effects processor, which provides numerous room, hall and stage reverbs, as well as additional variation effects. This effects capability allows users to easily place this keyboard into a wide variety of simulated acoustic environments.

Another powerful feature included in this outstanding keyboard is a two-track, 10,000-note capacity sequencer/recorder. Always just the push of a button away, this streamlined recording capability allows users to immediately capture musical ideas and performances, without having to power up an external recorder.

This keyboard also features MIDI In and Out connections, and a “To Host” port, which allows for single-cable connections with computers and other supporting devices. These advanced interfacing capabilities make it a great choice for use as both a MIDI controller/sound source and a live-performance instrument.

Other features include: dual headphone outputs, allowing for easy instructional and collaborative use; an included sustain pedal; a detachable music stand; and a built-in metronome. Conveniently positioned front panel controls are also provided for immediate access to tuning, transposition and brilliance settings.

Other brand name products available include Roland, Alesis, Kuzweil, Korg, Nord, Casio, Studiologic, Doepfer, Hammond, Midiman, Fatar, E-mu, Waldorf, Panasonic and the list goes on.

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The Yamaha P80 is no longer available. Please check out our new yamaha digital pianos

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