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Portable Keyboards

We try to make buying a portable keyboard an easy task for you by providing you with important facts about the basics. There a number of different manufacturers so you will want to compare these by reading our reviews on each. Famous brand names like Yamaha, Roland, Casio, Korg and Suzuki are our principle suppliers and all are well known in the industry for their quality of sound and ease of use when it comes to a portable keyboard.

You will need to decide on your particular application of portable keyboard and whether it will be necessary to have it work with a MIDI port or USB. You will also want to choose the number of keys you require. Sizes vary from 32 to 88 keys depending on your needs and requirements. Also, you’ll want to take into consideration your budget. If you spend too much you may get a lot of bells and whistles that are never used and if you spend too little you could be frustrated by the lack of diversity when composing. Most of all its called a portable keyboard for a reason and that is the size and ease of movement. Naturally the smaller it is, the easier it will be to move around.

Full sized portable keyboards have 88 keys so depending on the application this may be an alternative. Most 88 key keyboards come with a learning system for beginners and offer many sounds and rhythm tracks to help with the learning process. There are many other features to consider as well and we suggest exploring our products to learn the options and choices available when considering a portable keyboard.

Arranger Keyboard

If you are a seasoned professional or just a home player that likes to compose your wisest choice would be an arranger keyboard. These are ideal for musicians who play as a single act as they don’t require any accompaniment. An arranger keyboard comes loaded with a virtual studio so the capabilities are almost endless. You can be a one man band!

Again, we carry famous brand names by Roland, Korg and Yamaha. These reputable manufacturers have make quality arrangers for all levels of musicians.

Many of the arranger keyboards by these manufacturers offer a full size keyboard and arranger with USB audio recording, 128-note polyphony, and playback of MP3 files. The accompaniment styles found on the Yamaha PSR-S910 Arranger Workstation, for example, give keyboard players a quick and easy way to sound fully arranged with little or no setup required. This is just the beginning, and only one manufacturer example. For details on all of our arranger keyboard suppliers we recommend reviewing our long list of products.