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Guru Beat Sequencer Software is your beatbox dream come true, an inspirational all-in-one rhythm workstation. Based on an enlightened approach to drum loop creation, Guru makes building that perfect beat faster and easier than ever.

Guru’s architecture is perfect for anything from straight-up breaks and stomping floor-fillers to complex polyrhythmic, multi-layered grooves. The powerful effects and graphical parameter automation allow you to mutate your beats into new, unheard forms, or create subtle variations. Mash up your sounds with pitch modulation, repeat triggers, start-point and timing manipulation, resonant filters, and much more.

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samplerWith the Boss RC-20XL Loop Station loops and riffs can be stacked repeatedly until the entire massive 16 minutes of recording space is full. Never before has it been so easy to create a large one-person-band sound in real time. Save up to 11 loops at a time. Undo function makes it easy to create perfect loops. Built-in auto quantize for simple and accurate loop timing. Change loop tempo without changing pitch. Footswitchable loop select with optional FS-6 footswitch.

Amaze yourself and everybody else with the incredibly full sound you can make with just you, your axe, and this incredible machine.

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SonicCell puts the power and legendary sound quality of a Roland hardware synthesizer on your desktop. With its dual SRX expansion bay, built-in USB audio interface, and ability to play SMFs and WAV/AIFF/MP3 files, SonicCell is a dream for computer-based musicians and live performers who seek a compact, integrated pro sound module and USB audio-interface solution.

Superior Sound Module
Equipped with a state-of-the-art sound engine, SonicCell delivers the pristine sound quality of a dedicated Roland hardware synth. A remarkable new waveform set has been created for SonicCell, including a world-class collection of acoustic instruments, drums, and percussion that are expertly programmed to provide the ultimate in expression and realism. SonicCell’s internal sound bank can even be expanded and customized via its two internal SRX expansion bays. Choose from over a dozen of Roland’s famous SRX Expansion boards (sold separately) that cover a vast world of musical instruments and styles. Whether you’re driving SonicCell from a computer, another synthesizer, or a MIDI keyboard or guitar controller, you’ll enjoy unsurpassed sound quality, reliability, and flexibility.

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