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For those who record their own music tracks, whether for fun, professionally, or in the hopes of starting a new professions, midi controllers and sequencers will play a vital role. The definition of the term has changed over time and with the development of new technology that is now standard in the music industry, such as the musical instrument digital interface (MIDI).

The changing definition of the sequencer

Since the production of electronic music was first started, sequencers were any devices which recorded information from electronic musical instruments and then played it back to the mixer, musician, or composer. For this reason, sequencers have always been a vital component in devices such as drum machines, keyboards, synthesizers, and digital pianos.

Today, the use of MIDI controller data has cast the role of sequencers in an entirely different scenario. The synced data from the MIDI is that is read by the sequencer is an important step in a composer’s journey towards putting together an overall piece of music; the use of the MIDI contoller also allows a substantial amount of time to be cut out of the process of creating a specific sound and making sure that vital pieces are not cut out simply due to human error.

Choosing a sequencer

As advanced technology, sequencers are not cheap and not all are created equally. Generally, sequencers can be purchased built into workstations or as part of an assemble-yourself project. There are some important things to keep in mind when selecting a sequencer.


All sequencers will need to be used in tandem with samplers. The compatibility between your sequencer and your sampler will also be a major consideration in your purchase.

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