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How is the electronic organ different?

Playing the electronic organ is a bit of an adjustment compared to playing the piano but its one that is well worth it in the end. Especially if you are playing a church organ or perhaps a theater organ. There are a few similarities between the piano and the electronic organ but its mainly in the anatomy and not so much in the art of playing.

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The electronic organ has a very rich, harmonious sound that is primarily the result of the player using his or her feet on the organ pedals. These produce the low bass line tones that help the organ come alive. Much different from the piano.

The unique art of playing the organ can be learned with some practise and study. Getting to know the pedals, as mentioned earlier is key to mastering the electronic organ. The pedals produce key ranges of C, D, E, F, G, A and B in both lower and higher scales to include sharps and flats. Once you have become familiar with these, learning the process will become much easier. Its a matter of learning to use your feet at the same time as using your fingers.

Probably the best place to get started would be to purchase a small organ with foot pedals and move up once you have the hang of it. In learning be sure and try different types of music so you are able to understand the different uses of the sounds and pedals. If you are playing hymns for example in church, make sure that you try some different styles of modern music as well, just to give yourself a broad perspective of the uses of the electronic organ.

It may help you to watch some DVD’s on playing the organ. These can’t be bought at most music stores or ordered online and in addition you may even be able to pick some up at your local library. This is an excellent source of knowledge that can be virtually free once you’re a member. A DVD can be a wealth of information in technique and the basics in building a solid foundation for playing the organ.

Just remember to be patient. Like learning the piano, you can’t expect to learn all the tricks to playing the electronic organ overnight.