Keyboard Accessories

Get keyboard accessories here at Piano Musician including keyboard stands, cases, gig bags, metronomes, amps and monitors, effects, books and much more.

keyboard pedals

Keyboard Pedals – Choose from a long line of keyboard pedals for midi control, added sustain or damper pedals and switches for volume control and many other uses.

keyboard expansion boards and modules

Keyboard Expansion Boards,Cards And Modules – Choose from a long line of keyboard expansion boards, cards and modules for making the most out of your keyboard.

keyboard stands

Keyboard Stands – Our selection of keyboard stands includes stage stands, multi-tier, quik-loc as well as platform stands with plenty of leg room.


Metronomes / Time Keepers – Choose from a variety of metronomes and time keepers to help improve your timing and keep you on track.

keyboard covers

Keyboard Covers – Our selection of keyboard covers will help you protect your keyboard between sets and even gigs from night to night. It also tells noseys to keep away.

keyboard cases

Keyboard Cases – Choose from keyboard cases by Road Runner, Novation, Nord, SKB and others. We only sell strong, well built, quality keyboard case that stand up to those long road trips.

keyboard gig bags

Keyboard Gig Bags – Our selection of keyboard gig bags and soft shell cases will protect your keyboard from the daily wear and tear to reduce damage and help preserve the beauty of your instrument.

keyboard cleaners and polishes

Cleaners / Polishes – We offer a variety of cleaners and polishes for keyboards as well as many other instruments.

keyboard ear plugs

Ear Plugs – We offer a wide variety of keyboard ear plugs and ear protection that provide high fidelity filtering and also reusable ear filters that have a noise reduction rating of 26 decibels..

keyboard in ear monitors

In-Ear Monitors/Speakers – Check out our premium models of keyboard in-ear monitors and speakers including our wireless monitor systems.

keyboard exercise gear

Exercise Gear – Check out our keyboard exercise gear that will limber up your fingers and make hours of playing more enjoyable. Try our squeeze balls or finger weights.

keyboard recording software

Recording And Instructional Software – Buy quality keyboard recording software and expand your horizons. Make your song writing fun.