Digital Pianos

Digital Pianos and their advantages

Many pianists of the traditional nature believe that digital pianos are a poor substitute for the wooden piano. These same people insist that the difference in the sound of a wooden piano as opposed to digital models can easily be detected. However, even the most trained ear would have difficulty telling the difference if he or she were to try to differentiate while listening to a recording of either. Nevertheless, the differences in the feel of a digital piano compared to the traditional wooden model can be significant.

The fact is digital pianos offer some distinct advantages over wooden pianos. These advantages compensate for the drawbacks of the wooden model in the opinion of many. Here are some advantages of digital pianos:

– A digital piano offers several different pianos in one instrument. It can provide the sounds of a grand piano, an upright piano and an electric piano are by way of digital samples built into the memory of the piano.

– Also, the cost of digital pianos is significantly less. Especially considering the fact that one has many different pianos in one instrument. So instead of owning several different pianos you can have just one instrument offering different sounds that are built in. While it is true that a high end digital will cost a lot of money, the odds are that it will still cost less than just one traditional model, and will certainly cost less than buying four or more different models.

– Recording capabilities are readily available. Most digital pianos have built in sequencers which allow musicians to record the tracks that they play. The fact that they have their own amplification hardware also means that recording is made easier since there is no need for a microphone.

– Less Maintenance. Unlike traditional wooden pianos, digitals do not need to be tuned. Nor do they need extra attention paid to their inner workings as often as wooden models. Digitals are far less susceptible to damage than wooden models due to their compact and solid design.

– Portability. Perhaps one of the most obvious advantages of the digital piano is its portability. Anyone who has ever helped a friend move knows the dread of relocating a large traditional wooden piano. Digitals are lighter and much easier to safely transport.

The advantages of digital pianos have made them very popular, even in venues (such as churches) where traditional wooden models have been used for years.

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