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Keyboard Stands

Choosing a Keyboard Stand

A vital part of the keyboard is the piece that does not produce any music at all. Keyboard stands are responsible for making sure that the musician can play in comfort and that the instrument is secure in a certain position. The type of keyboard stand that you choose will be determined by a number of factors.

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Yamaha Pkbz1 Z-Style Keyboard Stand
"If you're a keyboard player who requires extra support for your energetic performances, you'll get rock-solid reliability in the PKBZ1 Z-style keyboard stand from Yamaha. The width and height adjustments on the versatile PKBZ1 are independent of each oth



Quik-Lok M-91 Monolith Single-Tier Keyboard Stand
"The single-tier Quik-Lok M-91 music keyboard stand gives you more knee room and lets you move your feet around with unrestricted abandon. Height-adjustable; computer-welded, lightweight steel. The keyboard stand folds and locks in seconds into a compact,



Quik-Lok Z-70 Width And Height Adjustable Z Keyboard Stand
"From the Quik-Lok, the company behind the original ""Z"" stand, comes the Z-70, a weight and height adjustable keyboard stand that folds down flat for easier storage without sacrificing strength or stability. Height adjustment is easy thanks to a spring-



Ultimate Support Iq-1000 Memory Lock X Style Keyboard Stand
"Ultimate Support's IQ-1000 X-style keyboard stand is armed with the Memory Lock, so stand always opens to the same height setting, and leveling cam-style end caps that allow stand to be stable even on uneven surfaces. Off-set legs leave more leg and peda



On-Stage Stands Ks-7903 3-Tier A-Frame Keyboard Stand
"Maximum width: 51"". Maximum weight: 40 lb. per tier. Keyboard arms are height and angle adjustable."



Yamaha L-7S Tyros Keyboard Stand
This keyboard stand is specifically designed for use with the Yamaha Tyros.



Quik-Lok Three Tier Heavy Duty X Keyboard Stand
"This heavy-duty, double-brace ""X"" keyboard stand from Quik-Lok features a height- and tilt-adjustable 2nd and 3rd tier and holds up to 3 keyboards. Leg depth: 26"" Main tier depth: 17-9/10 2nd & 3rd tier depth: 12"" 2nd & 3rd tier angles: 90, 81, 72,



Quik-Lok Adjustable Second Tier For M-91 Keyboard Stand
"Double your M-91 keyboard stand's carrying capacity with this second-tier addition from QuickLok. Tilt, height and depth are adjustable to hold your keyboard securely. Rubber-coated tier arms hold keyboards firmly in place Securely attaches to main keyb



Quik-Lok Rapid Set Up Z Keyboard Stand
"This keyboard stand's patent-pending ""Z-structure"" design sets up and folds down in literally 10 seconds flat. Height adjustment is a snap due to its spring-loaded, dual-pin system that instantly releases and locks the tiers into the desired height pos



Standtastic 122 Ksb 48 Double-Tier Keyboard Stand With Deluxe Bag
This Standtastic 122 KSB keyboard stand features lightweight aluminum frame with steel stress points; 30-second setup/teardown; no keyboard bounce.



Roland Ks-Stg8 Second Tier For Keyboard Stand
"If you own a KS-G8 keyboard stand and want to add a second keyboard to your setup, the KS-STG8 Second Tier was specifically designed as an add-on. It can support a Roland V-Synth GT and 76-key keyboards such as the Fantom-G7 or smaller.Allows you to add



Ultimate Support Ax-48 Pro Column Keyboard Stand
"The Ultimate Support AX-48 Pro offers everything keyboard players loved about the original APEX keyboard stand while offering sleek new design and updated features that support a new generation of keyboards and workstations. The APEX AX-48 Pro is intende



Strukture Lightweight Aluminum Keyboard Stand Anodized Titanium Gray
"Strukture keyboard stands are created from heavy duty aluminum and crafted to be the lightest double braced keyboard stand on the market. All models feature a locking clutch with trigger for easy height adjustment and rubber caps on the feet that adjust



On-Stage Stands Extreme 100 Keyboard Stand
"The Extreme 100 keyboard stand from On-Stage Designs can be adjusted from 27"" to 38"", providing a wide range of heights for a wide variety of players. This X-style stand has 1 x 1"" tubing that is bolted together, and for a secure adjustment, it utiliz



On-Stage Stands Platform Keyboard Stand
"The On-Stage Stands Platform Style Keyboard Stand is fully adjustable and perfect for large-format keyboards, heavy, vintage electric pianos, super-sized mixers, or full-on DJ setups. Its height adjusts from 26""-43"" and the base spreads from 29""-43.5"



Ultimate Support Iq-1200 2-Tier X-Style Keyboard Stand
"Part of Ultimate Series IQ Series, which are redefining the X-style keyboard stand, the IQ-1200 is a two-tiered stand that brings a whole new level of stability and innovation to the lightweight, gigging-minded design. Ultimate Support went out of it's w


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The type of keyboard you use

High-end keyboards can be quite heavy, but many keyboards remain light and portable. A heavier keyboard, of course, will require a sturdier stand both to keep it in place and to prevent it from collapsing under the weight. Some styles of keyboard, such as digital pianos, include their own stand that gels with the rest of the instrument so that the appearance of a traditional piano is impressed upon the audience.

If you mainly use the keyboard to fool around at home, then a simple collapsible model may be the best for you. These stands are pretty inexpensive, and will get the job done when it comes to holding the keyboard level. Finding pianos for sale is easy at

How you play

If you are an informal keyboard player, then you may want to choose a stand that does not so much reflect the discipline of the piano. Serious players, however, may want to choose a stand that reflects the studious practice of the craft by lending a more solid appearance to the keyboard structure.

Keyboard players who specialize in performances, such as rock and roll, may want to consider stands that are sturdier in design. A lot of heavy playing of the keys usually results from a good performance, and the stand should be designed to absorb the impact of the hands.

Where you play

A lot of keyboard players need to have their keyboards with them for the performance; their keyboards are programmed with the range of sounds they will need for the performance, and therefore they cannot substitute for a venue keyboard. These players will need to find a stand that is as portable as possible while still lending a sturdy base for the instrument.

Keyboards which are intended to remain in place will not need a stand that can be moved around as easily. These stands can even include effects devices such as pedals, as they are not really expected to be detached from the keyboard very often, if at all.


More and more musicians are becoming aware of the potential hazards posed by repetitive motion injury. Keyboardists can avoid this type of injury by selecting a keyboard stand that is adjusted to their height and arm length, or their position while sitting. This is pretty vital for anyone who plays their instrument often, as one of theses injuries may mean that you will be forced to quit playing.

Keyboard players who play multiple instruments at the same time also usually include several stand heights while performing, in order to differentiate quickly between which keyboard is to be used at the current moment in the song. Practicing the routine will allow you to automatically switch to the right keyboard based on height alone.

Keyboard stands are as vital to performance as keyboard cases are to properly maintaining and transporting your instrument.


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